Geograph celebrates 25 years of Service +Aerial photograph of Geograph premises
Welcome to Geograph

Geograph is a Geomatics Services Company focusing on client needs and objectives. Our capabilities include GIS and Photogrammetry.
We promote a young, dynamic work environment, with equal focus on hard work, job satisfaction and quality products.

With 33 years behind us, we are experienced and extremely flexible in both capability and performance delivery. We work closely with our clients, as this ensures that specifications and objectives are met with optimal quality and timeous delivery.

Some past events

2016: Geograph assists Aurecon Cape Town with their V & V project for DWAS, by digitising 167000 cropfield polygons in the 4 months from May to August

2015 ongoing: Mentorship of SA Geomatics Council (was PLATO) Candidate GISc registrants through LGSETA and ISDG initiatives.
2016 ongoing: 1 Candidate Technologist in Ermelo MP
2017 ongoing: 5 Candidates at Technician, Technologist and Professional levels across 3 Municipal offices in WC
2016 complete: 15 Candidates at Technician level across 12 Municipalities in KZN
2016 complete: 6 Candidates at Technician, Technologist and Professional levels across 4 Municipalities in WC

During 2013: Geograph completes another 157 1:50k sheets for full feature compilation mapping from orthophotos.
Total sheets awarded since mid 2006 is now 1114 - that's more than half of South Africa!