Aerial photo +Aerial photo vectorised

Our Service history in brief:
  • High volume, short term digitising [e.g.: 167000 polygons in 4 months].
  • Mentorship services to over 25 candidates for SAGC registration during 2016/2017.
  • Business Intelligence mapping.
  • Spatial Database building.
  • Participation in Professional Consortiums requiring PrGISc.
  • GIS related logistical support for clients working within their own fields of expertise (e.g. Property Valuators).
  • Digitisation and plotting of plans.
  • Network utilities capture (road, water, stormwater, sewer and electrical).
  • Cleaning of dirty GIS data-sets.
  • Photogrammetric Scanning of over 20000 aerial photos between June 2006 and January 2008.
  • Full compilation of Topographical Maps from aerial photography.
  • Field appraisal (ground truthing) trips.
  • Scanning and Vectorising of Maps.
  • Aerial Triangulation.
  • Photogrammetric compilation of elevation data.
  • Orthophoto generation.
  • Survey calculations.