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Geomatics Services:

GIS Data Capture:
Our main speciality is high volume, high speed vector data capture. With movable HW and SW infrastructure we can capture your data on your premisses or ours.
  • Image interpretation of an extensive array of feature classes - all to client specifications.
  • Topologically correct capture or cleaning of vector data.
  • Scanning & vectorising of contour separates.
  • Field Appraisal of reality and imagery.
Mentorship for SA Geomatics Council candidates:
Through ISDG and LGSETA initiatives, we offer mentorship services to aspirant SAGC registrants.

Business GIS:
Spatially Enable your Company Database.
  • Sales territory allocation: Map your target market and allocate your salesforce.
  • Market penetration: See where your business is failing.
  • Demographic analysis: Focus your promotions where they'll be most effective.
  • Delivery routing: Map your customers and optimise your deliveries.
We can provide full 3D mapping services and generate derived data-sets e.g. DEMS, Contours and Orthorectified imagery.

Photogrammetric Scanning:
Sadly, we sold our scanner during October 2011 and can no longer offer this fine (but dying out) service.